West Parade press shot

“The whole thing about pop music is you’re just ripping off as many people as you possibly can. The trick is listening to the right people” – Damon Albarn, 1991.

My name is Charlie and I produce indie-electronica with elements of dance music under the project WEST PARADE. 

Somewhere towards the end of the 2010s, I had a quarter life crisis. I realised that making music was what I’d always wanted to do, but life was getting in the way. So I’ve decided to just really go for it – recording, producing, filming, editing and marketing everything from my bedroom. The ultimate goal is get enough support to make this a sustainable career. Thanks for your help! Drop me a line and say hi.

Check out my music and DJ mixes while you’re here, where you can find all the ways to help make my dream a reality xx  

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