Talk About Your Problems

Yo yo yo yo. How are we keeping people? When does this madness end? When can we stop talking about the bloody C word? 

This song is called ‘Talk About Your Problems’. A positive title written in negative times. Now I’m going to level with you. If you hadn’t guessed already, most of my lyrics are complete nonsense. My trick is to make them sound like they could mean something, whilst still being vague enough for someone to interpret meaning in how they see fit.

Official video

Writing lyrics is something I’m trying to get better at though. The basis of all my songwriting comes through melodies, chords and rhythms. I have yet to write something based on the concept of words. Hopefully this will change in time.  

Inspiration for this song came in much the usual way that I normally start songs. I had these lofi hazy pads over a big 80s drum loop (the same loop, in fact, from my previous release ‘Sunshine Fall’). I sidechained pretty much everything against the lofi pad, to really bat it down in the mix and let the percussion punch through more easily.

How I wrote ‘Talk About Your Problems’

Structurally, this song is only two chords. I think the variations in arrangement still help give it some movement, without becoming too repetitive. For example, the pads completely drop out during the verses. You therefore really notice when they drop back in. It’s a classic saying, but so relevant in this context: less is more. 

Since WEST PARADE is a DIY project, I try to be as resourceful in as many ways as I can. This includes the music videos. In this case, I compiled together some royalty free footage from an incredible photographer / videographer who goes by the name of cottonbro on Pexels. I think those shots of the pink bubblegum girl really suit the aesthetic of this tune. Best of all, it was completely free! The only downside is that anybody else could use the exact same footage, but I’m not that bothered at this stage of my career.

‘Talk About Your Problems’ live performance

Thanks for all your support so far. I’ve got more tunes in the pipeline, so talk soon x

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