“The whole thing about pop music is you’re just ripping off as many people as you possibly can. The trick is listening to the right people” – Damon Albarn, 1991.

My name’s Charlie and I produce indie-electronica pop with elements of house under the project WEST PARADE. With a hands-on DIY approach, the project draws on both strong melodies and extensive use of warm synths, peppered with glitchy drum machines and sampling.

Although a recent project, WEST PARADE is the culmination of and outlet for many years of quiet creativity. The project is now undergoing an intense period of finalising and the release of a huge backlog of demos, along with more recent ideas. Everything about it is made from one bedroom, from the music and production to the artwork and marketing. The internet has made it possible to establish a presence without compromising individual creativity. WEST PARADE is about finally making that happen.

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