not every weekend cover
music production

The creative process behind ‘Not Every Weekend’

Because who isn’t partial to some whumpy synth and boinky bass? I’m a big believer that the best ideas are often the simplest, but executed well. From a technical perspective, ‘Not Every Weekend’ is a piece of piss. It’s literally two chords throughout the entire song. And yet, to my ears, it’s still quite a …

West Parade October cover
music production

The creative process behind ‘October’

Punchy kicks, phat synths and vintage compression. WEST PARADE’s sound has always drawn influence from electronic dance music, particularly house and techno. It unmistakably comes through in this track, ‘October’. I had been listening to a lot of Caribou, particularly one of his more recent releases: ‘Never Come Back’. He has always had a knack …

music scene

From indie pop to lofi electronica: how my music has developed over time

I always find it interesting to watch how people’s musical tastes develop over time. The stuff we’re listening to age 14 is likely to have changed by the time we’re 24. As an example from my own iPod Classic in 2009 (which I still proudly own by the way), stuff like this is perhaps best left in …